Juniper Berry & Ginger Bath Tea


Step into a bath ready to melt your pain away with this spicy blend of ginger and juniper berries. Epsom salt helps relieves aches while ginger and juniper help you relax. Perfect after along day to help energize muscles. This bath tea is also great if you have a cold.

Power Players:

Ginger: The ginger root in this bath tea will help rid your body of toxins. Ginger may also be an effective pain reliever for sore muscles.

Juniper Berries: The juniper berry has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s of great help to those suffering from arthritis, gout and other diseases such as rheumatism and pain in the joints and muscles

Epsom Salt: Epsom salts absorbed through the skin also work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. Submerge yourself in a warm Epsom salt bath to alleviate tension headaches or soothe abdominal cramps.

Rosemary: With anti-spasmodic and rubefacient properties, this aromatic plant is one of the best herbs to use for muscle aches and pains. It relieves muscle tension while also drawing blood from deep within the body to the skin.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Dead Sea Salt, Juniper Berries, Ginger Root, Rosemary, Fragrance.