Bath Tea (Complete Set of 5)


Want to try one of each of the bath teas? Grab this set and get a taste of every one we have to offer! This set consists of:

(1) Rose & Coconut Milk Bath Tea: This sweet smelling bath tea is sure to take your next bath up a million notches! This bath tea helps to tone and soften skin while adding an absolutely breathtaking aroma to your bath. It's perfect, if ya ask me.

(1) Lemon, Green Tea & Spearmint Bath Tea: Talk about a well-rounded tea! This bath tea is energizing to say the least. With a sweet, citrus & mint aroma, this bath tea helps you to decongest and go about your day.

(1) Lavender & Chamomile Bath Tea: Sometimes you just need to decompress and relax...ya know? Steep this bath tea for a truly fragrant and unwinding experience.

(1) Juniper Berry & Ginger Bath Tea: Step into a bath ready to melt your pain away with this spicy blend of ginger and juniper berries. Epsom salt helps relieves aches while ginger and juniper help you relax. Perfect after along day to help energize muscles. This bath tea is also great if you have a cold.

(1) Oat & Chamomile Bath Tea: Dry skin? Eczema? Sun burn? No fear! This bath tea is full of things to help soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin. And it smells so good you'd want to eat it! (But dont...really.)

Be sure to check out each of these teas individually to see the ingredients and power players in each tea!

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